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Microplate Washer
Microplate Washer

Product Description

It can be adapted to the 96- and 48-well Microplates. Regulates rinse position of cleaning head according to user requirements. Chooses to set washing parameters for different effects. External programming/downloading available through RS-232 ports. 8-channel or 12 channels optional

                                               Technical Specifications
Microplate Types 48-well, 96-well
Washing Automatic washing 5 ways
Washing the row number of microplate 1 row per time 1- 12 rows
Average Residue 2ul per well
Dispense Precision =3% CV 
Shaking 5 ways
Memory 100 programs
Wash Cycles 1-20
Soak Time Programmable in seconds, up to 20 minutes.
Anti-overflow Excess fluid is automatically discharged.