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Data Processing Unit
Data Processing Unit

Product Description
  • Inbuilt Thermal Printer.
  • 7 inch Colorfull TFT Screen.
  • 5 Years Data Storage facility.
  • SMS & E-mail Facility Available.
  • FAT%, SNF% from Milk Analyzer.
  • Rate Chart download manually or pendrive.
  • Identify milk of cow and buffalo based on fat.
  • Keyboard for easy to operate with built in DPU.
  • Advanced microcontroller based embedded design.
  • Direct interface and capture Weighing data (kg/Ltr.)
  • User display for displaying member code, Fat Qty & amount.
  • No Server Requireds :- Notebook, Mobile, Network,
    Database, Server & PC
  • Auto TARE (ZERO) after the farmer slip printing and
    data storage automatically.
  • Rate Formate based on TS (Total Solids) & FAT - SNF
    Chart (Excel Formate).