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Elastic Adhesive Bandage
Elastic Adhesive Bandage

Product Description

Elastic Adhesive Bandages is good aesthetic appeal, woven fast edges and thick fabric. 
Use for support, immobilization and pressure. Made of high grade CE marked plastic and has 
an adhesive covered with special plastic liner for easy unrolling, easy application, long 
protection & long storage life. Highly flexible elastic bandage, elastic adhesive bandages 
designed to provide compression for muscles or joint injury. The use of strapping increase 
adhesion and support during injury recovery. Made of cotton and rayon with zinc oxide adhesive, 
these elastic bandage, elastic adhesive bandages are easy to wrap and comfortable to wear.



• Better Elasticity.
• Better aesthetic touch due to interwoven fabric.
• Better compliance.
• Clips for perfect compression.
• Reusable - Washable.

6.0 cm X 4 mtr. (St. Length)
8.0 cm X 4 mtr. (St. Length)
10.0 cm X 4 mtr. (St. Length)
15.0 cm X 4 mtr. (St. Length)