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Milk Testing Equipment(MTE)
Milk Testing Equipment(MTE)

Product Description

Milk Testing Equipment Contains:

1.Milk Sampler 2.Milk Measure 3.Lock Stoppers
4.Pipette 5.Test Tubes 6.Butyrometers
7.Glass Beakers 8.Spirits Lamp 9.Nylon Brush
10.Plastic Tray 11.Test Tube Stand 12.Butyrometer Stand
13.Milk Collection Tray 14.Lock Stoppers Keys 15.Glass Thermometer
16.Graduated Pipette 17.Lactometer Cylinder 18.Aluminium Milk Cans
19.Plastic Tilt Measure 20.Funnel with Strainer 21.Plastic Measuring Jug
22.Plastic Sample
23.Strainer Sieve for
24.Hand Operated Gerber