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Vacuum Extractor Bird Type
Vacuum Extractor Bird Type

Product Description

Vacuum Extractor Set, Bird Type, manual operated. Easy and safe to use and can be applied even on wet body and are available in both oval and round neck- cup. It Can be used with any suction machine or gauge & used directly with manual vacuum extractor for delivery. It’s a 100% Latex free and autoclavable at 134° C. It is come with following contents:-

• Three Silicone Cups
• Size of Cups: 50 mm/60 mm & 70 mm
• Vacuum Pump: Manually Operated
• Vacuum Gauge: Bourden type, 5 cms 0 - 760 mm Hg & 0-100kPa
• Suction Tubing : Non collapsible Silicon tubing
• Jar: Autoclavable Glass jar with Vacuum Gauge