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Ent Set
Ent Set

Product Description

Operational characteristics Comperison Supplied with Handle, batteries, rhino-scope, otoscope and ophthalmoscope heads.

Handles and batteries 
- Re-chargeable batteries. 
- Solid metal handles with 25mm made of Stainless Steel. 
- Compatible with the whole to fit (rhinoscope, otoscope and


Rhinoscope head 
- Halogen light source. 
- Swiveling lens with at least 2x.
- Fiber optic direct transmission of the light. 
- Reusable specula with 3 different measures.

Otoscope head 
- Halogen light source. 
- Swiveling viewing with at least 3x.
- Fiber optic direct transmission light. 
- Reusable specula with 3 different measures(2,3 & 5mm).


Ophthalmoscope head 
- Halogen light source. 
- Anti-reflection lens. 
- 3 apertures and fixation star. 
- Red-free, blue and polarization filters. 
- Range of lenses -20D to +20D with steps


Additional consumables and accessories
- 1 spare fiber optic bulb devices.
- 20 reusable tongue depressors. 
- 2 laryngeal mirror heads with 23mm. 
- Tongue blade holder Halogen light integrated. 
- 10 reusable otoscope specula measure: 2, 3 and 5mm. 
- Hard case for keeping at least otoscope head, handle and specula.