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Suction Machine (Battery Operated)
Suction Machine (Battery Operated)

Product Description

Portable AC/DC and Pedal Suction Unit for
Ambulances, Hospitals, Camps, Trains
Home care etc.


  • Pedal: 200 ml per stroke volume
  • Tubing: 8 mm ID x 2 mtr. (Silicone)
  • Housing: MS Powder coated cabinet
  • Vacuum Gauge: Bourden type 5 cm Dia
  • Electrical: 0 - 575 mm Hg ± 10, Vacuum 14 ltr/ min.
  • Pump Type: Oil free Piston Pump (Electrical) & Piston pump (Pedal)
  • Jar: Wide mouthed autoclavable 2 ltr collection jar (Polycarbonate), safety jar with mechanical / electronic overflow motor shut off system and bacterial filter.



  • Pedal: 200 ml per stroke volume
  • Battery Backup: 120 minutes on full charge.
  • Electrical: Operates on 220 V AC and Pedal (manual). In-built maintenance free 12 V DC battery. 55 Watts.
  • Provided with AC adapter and cigarette lighter socket cable for use in ambulance / car. Can be hung in ambulance or on wall.