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Foley Balloon Catheter
Foley Balloon Catheter

Product Description

Used for short/long term urine drainage. Has a 4-layer system, developed to address the common problem of catheter blockage and failure. The inner-most layer, made from non-stick silicon, deters salt encrustation from attaching itself to the catheter’s inner surface. The 2nd layer is made from a special high-strength polymer, that provides strength to the catheter wall while allowing a   larger lumen size. This larger lumen size minimises blockages caused by encrustation, resulting in higher flow rate   through the catheter. The 3rd layer is made from low-protein latex with suitable antioxidants, that increases the shelf-life of the catheter. The outer-most Silicon layer, minimises the occurrence of allergy and irritation when the catheter comes in contact with   skin, thereby acting as a protective layer for the patient Less catheter blockage as a result of the 4-layer system leads to longer in-dwell time, higher comfort and cost   effectiveness for the patient. Smooth eye, ultra thin highly elastic balloon and hard non-return valve for trouble free inflation and deflation





Sizes of Two Way

Size in fg         Balloon Capacity

6                         3cc
8 - 10                  3cc - 5cc
12 - 14                5cc - 15cc
16 - 26                30cc - 50cc


Size of Three Way

Size in fg                             Balloon Capacity

16,18, 20, 22, 24 & 26           30cc - 50cc


FG                           8         10        12          14           16         18         20          22       24       26
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