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Baby Incubator
Baby Incubator

Product Description

TRACK is designed to meet the safest and most stable environment. This baby incubator offers the Advanced Technology and Innovative design to meet the most demanding Neonatal Clinical care need in the NICU. Microprocessor based Temperature controller system provided to control the Air and Skin temperature and it has all Fault Indications with visual alarms.



The Electronic Controler:
- Large bright displays are easy to monitor and for viewing from a distance.
- Digital display system provided to measure the Infant temperature.
- Bar graph LED system provided to indicate the heater output.
- The controller is based on Micro computerized system.
- Air temperature and to set the required temperature.
- Feather touch keys provided for easy operation.
- Fault Indications with alarm for
    • Baby probe failure
    • Air probe failure.
    • 10C temperature high.
    • 10C temperature low.
    • High temperature cut-off.
    • Power failure

- Front Loading
- Pole for IV Stand
- X-Ray cassette sliding facility.
- Humidity heater and Hygrometer.
- Provision of an open shelf in the trolley.
- Acrylic Single Wall Canopy with six port holes
- Four Inlets for administration of O2, IV lines or Ventilator tubing.
- Sliding Baby Tray with External jerk free gear based Head Up / Down facility
- Stainless Steel rust free Heater, blower sub assembly with changeable micro Air filters.


Baby Probe / Air Probe:
Baby probe/Air probe is made of highly sensitive sensor and inter changeable, field calibrations taken care of by software.The probe is made up of silicon sheathed cable, which allows easy cleaning.


Other Facilities:
• IV stand provided.
• Storage drawers provided infant whilst incubator in use.
• Four port doors provided to handle.
• Trendelenburg & fowler system provided.


Physical Parameters:
Height : 1425 mm
Depth : 585 mm
Width : 945 mm
Weight : 60 kg (Approx)
Mattress : 525 x 380 mm
Working level from the ground : 900 mm
Baby tray tilt angle on either side : +/-8 max
Castors : 125 mm with 2 brake wheels and 2 non-brake wheels


Resuscitator Recommended Environmental Specifications:
Operating temperature range : 2.0°C to 3.3°C
Storage temperature range : -25°C to 60°C
Operating humidity range : 0 to 100% RH


Skin Temperature Probe:
Range : 2.8°C to 3.8°C
Accuracy : +/-0.2°C within range
Resolution : 0.1°C
Probe interchangeability : +/-0.2°C(Servo)


Air Temperature Probe:
Range : 2.8°C to 3.8°C
Accuracy : +/-0.2°C within range
Resolution : 0.1°C
Probe interchangeability : +/-0.2°C (Servo)


Electrical Specifications:
Electrical Supply :230V–10%, 50Hz
Power consumption with Heater at max. output : 500W


Electrical Safety:
As per IEC 60601-1-2 for medical equipments