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Vertical Autoclave Pro (Fad-Pro)
Vertical Autoclave Pro (Fad-Pro)

Product Description

Inside chamber made of Stainless Steel (SS-304) and Outside Chamber & Lid made of Stainless Steel. Lid of from Stainless Steel Plate No flynuts tightenning -new safe & userfriendly lid locking -sngle lever lock. Easy lifting & closing of the LID with assisted support. Lid interlock for residual pressure. Easy to access all critical components due to its square modular design. Spring loaded safety valve. Independent over temperature cut off (Optinal). Audio & visual alarms for sensor break and low water level alarm.


Control Panel and Switchgears:

• Timer: 1-99 minutes
• Sensor open alarm and display.
• End Cycle Buzzer and Auto Reset.
• End of cycle buzzer to alert the user and auto reset.
• Low water level alarm and cut off for safety of heater.

• Miniature Circuit Breaker for MAINS On/Off plus safety
• Smart Microprocessor based temp. controller (LCD Display)
• Solenoid Valve for automatic purging and exhaust (user settable).
• Industrial grade energy efficient heaters reduce power bills drastically.

• A backlit alphanumerical two line 32 character LCD display, Display all
• Miniature Circuit Breaker for MAINS On/Off plus safety of control panel.
• Digital Pressure Indicator displayed directly into the main control panel
• Micro processor Controller with Time & Temperature user Programmable
• Class 'A' Platinum (Pt-100) sensor, enabling precise and accurate monitoring.

• Industrial grade energy efficient ring type heater, customs made for Autoclave,
• Information including process and set values at a glance eliminating guesswork.
• Temperature: Range up to 122.0oC in 0.1oC resolution and a control accuracy of ± 0.5oC.
   thus reducing power by 16-40%


• Molded rubber gasket
• Auto lifting device - Safety and user friendly

• Drain valve at bottom for easy draining and cleaning
• Stainless Steel Carrier (s) along with heater cover stand.
• Lid fitted with Pressure gauge, safety valve, Safety Fusing Plug, Manual exhaust
  valve, vacuum breaker Cum purge valve and quick release coupling for online pressure calibration checks.




22 ltrs 40 ltrs 50 ltrs 78 ltrs 98 ltrs 187 ltrs

Inner Dimensions
(Dia x Height)

250×450mm 300×500mm 350×550mm 400×600mm 450×600mm 550×750mm

Heater Load

2.0 KW 2.0 KW 3.0 KW 4.0 KW 4.0 KW 4.0+1.0 KW