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Anesthesia Machine
Anesthesia Machine

Product Description
DimensIon 810x810x1360 mm (WxDxH)
Weight 96 Kg
Driven mode Pneumatically driven, electronically controlled
Gas supply O2, N2O , Air
Input pressure 280-650 kpa
O2 flush 35-75 L/min
Power supply 110/230VAC, 60/50HZ
Batter backup 60 minutes
Agent type Halothane, Ennurane, lsonurane, Sevonurane, Desfturane
Patient type Adult and Pediatric
Tidal volume 20-1500 ml
Ventilation mode
Value Monitoring Tidal volume, Minute Volume, Respiratory rate, I:E ratio
Pmax, Pmean, Pplat
FiO2,%, EtCO2% (optional)
Graphic MonItoring V-T, P-T,F-T curves. P-V, P-F, V-F loops
Anesthetic depth and trend (optional)



 (Audible and visual alarm Indication with diagnostic messages for trouble-shooting)

Alarm silence
            120 secoods
Alarm content             High/low Vt, High/low MV, High/low Paw,
            HigMow FioHigh/low now
              High/low cerebral state index
            (for anesthetic depth)
              High/low EtCO2%, InCO2% and
            temperature (optional)
              Apnea alarm. Airway Malfunction,
            Power failure, Low battery etc.