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CPR Training Manikin (Torso)
CPR Training Manikin (Torso)

Product Description


  • Economic and profitable product.
  • The selector on the back allows to chose Adult or Child position.
  • The Manikin breathing system is real and exclusive on the market.
  • The unique valve design allows to be connected nose-mouth-lung.
  • Light weight: 2.2Kg makes easier storing and transport for trainers.
  • Manikin is essential as complement of the AED trainer (not included).
  • The torso design of Manikin and its size is proper to use AED trainer.
  • The Manikin skin material is proper for using AED training pads and easy cleaning.
  • If the exclusive articulated head is not tilted properly and the nose is not pinched there will be no chest rise.
  • ''N'' position on the selector allows to check without a clicking sound and without depth limit the acquired skills.
  • The Manikin is the only manikin in the market which includes both Adult and Child CPR simulator in one product.
  • The non-return system of the valve doesn't allow students inhale air from the lung bag helping to avoid Contagions.
  • Adult and child position include a clicking sound for checking the correct compression depth according to Guidelines 2010.