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Product Description

Bloodless Castrators commonly used in Veterinary practices, consisting of two jaws (upper jaw called crushing and lower jaw called cord stop) for castration of large animals and two levers supported with hand grips on both levers. Jaws and levers coupled with nuts. Castrator comes with key spanner for tightening of nuts and bolts.


Made of stainless steel material.

Non-injurious to the skin.

Nickel plated and rust proof.

Clean polished finished.

Handles grip made of unbreakable plastic material.

Length of castrator : 500mm (approx.)

All edges, corner and jaws is smooth surface.

Prevent injuries to the scrotum of the animal.

All joints are fully finish.

Jaws width : 70mm (approx.) for upper crushing jaw.

Lower cord stop jaw is cord stop at both ends.

The jaws edges of the castrator is perfect align with other.

Meet completely and evenly in closed position.

Bloodless Castrator Instrument for Veterinary.