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Laboratory Refrigerator
Laboratory Refrigerator

Product Description

Outer chamber is made of CRC Sheet duly power coated and Mounted on caster wheels for easy mobility. Inner chamber and holding trays are made up of stainless steel Sheet. High grade PUF Insulated between outer and inner chamber for minimal thermal losses. Temperature can be set/ maintained from 2°C to 15°C (Arrangement available only to pull down temperature) with an accuracy of +0.5°C Unit is fitted with specially designed CFC Free hermetically sealed refrigeration system for uniform and effective cooling of the chamber. Flush fitting insulated double walled door has magnetic gasket and plexi glass inner door for easy view of inside chamber without distributing the set temperature. Inside door operated illumination is provided for visibility of bags kept inside the chamber. Microprocessor based Digital Temperature Indicator-Cum-Controller with LED/LCD display for Set Value (SV) & Process Value (PV) with in-built HI/LOW Temperature deviation alarm. (as ordered) CFC Free ECO Friendly Compressor.To work on 220/ 230 volts A.C. Supply.

Technical Specifications:

Capacity Cuft
85 ltrs 3 Cuft
112 ltrs 4 Cuft
171 ltrs 6 Cuft
280 ltrs 10 Cuft
340 ltrs 12 Cuft
420 ltrs 15 Cuft
450 ltrs 16 Cuft
500 ltrs 18 Cuft
650 ltrs 23 Cuft
1100 ltrs 39 Cuft
1410 ltrs 50 Cuft