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Product Description

This is a new type of adjustable agricultural powder sprayer. It is an efficient and high volume sprayer. Equipped with accessories for high performance machines for comfort and convenience. It can be used for agricultural irrigation, pest control, chemical weeding, etc.


  • 3-In-1 Fogger, Duster, and Leaf Blower.
  • The machine is built mainly with an all-plastic structure, the entire machine is light in weight, resistant to corrosion and comfortable to transport.
  • All parts in contact with the agent are made of corrosion-resistant reinforced plastic or stainless steel, and the useful life is increased
  • The mouth of the medicine box is large, and it is simple and convenient to add pesticides
  • The engine is started with a recoil and easy to operate.
  • The high temperature inspection has protective measures.
  • Backpack mounted for easy handling, along with simple to operate controls.



  • Engine : 2 Stroke
  • Fan Rotation Speed : 7500(r/min)
  • Tank Capacity : 20 Liter
  • Spraying Range: ≥12(M)
  • Displacement: 43(cc)
  • Standard Power: 2.13KW
  • Mixed Fuel Ratio: 25:1
  • Igniting Mode : CDI Ignition
  • Method of Starting : Recoil
  • Output L/min. Liquid / Powder : Liquid 3 Liter / Powder 3.7 KG