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Fully Automated Analyzer
Fully Automated Analyzer

Product Description

Fully automated analyzer is a 2 micro-plate fully automated processor able to operate the dispense, incubation, reading, data processing and storage of results. Its user friendly approach for both software and hard ware allows the operator to start working with the instrument as soon as it is out of the box, no pre-adjustments or calibrations required.

Technical Specifications:
Type    Fully automated ELISA analyzer
Sample racks    60 or 80 – 12 mm sample tubes or 40 - 16 mm sample tubes
Dilution rack    92 positions
Reagents holder    modular racks to hold calibrators, controls and reagents for 8 methods on line
Liquid reservoirs    external tanks equipped with level sensors; 2 washing buffer
Microtiter plates    2 plates (96 wells) with incubation capability, from room temperature to 45 °C
Dispensing system    1 aspirating-dispensing probe with X-Y-Z movement; dilution system with a
   syringe of 1000 μl,  continuous flow washing station
Washing system    two 8 nozzle on line manifolds with automatic adaptation for the different
   micro-plates height
Washing Residual volume    < 3μl
Washing inaccuracy    CV < 5 % with 300 μl
Readingsystem    8 independent photometric channels for mono and bichromatic reading
Optical filters    2 filters (450 and 630 nm); 2 more on request (max 4 filters)
Readinginaccuracy    ± 1% from 0.000 to 1.500 OD ± 2% from 1.500 to 3.000 OD
Dispensation    from 8 ml to 1000 ml with 1μl resolution; inaccuracy ±1% with 100 μl
Software    Windows 98 and XP operating system, to set up the work list, patient reports and results        filing; calibration curves storage for each carried-out test
Connection    LIS interface capability, work list set up from Host computer.
   Capability of connecting more instruments to a single PC.
Power Supply    200/110 VAC, 50-60 Hz
Dimension    620 x 820 x 720
Weight    80 Kg