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Automatic Napkin Incinerator
Automatic Napkin Incinerator

Product Description

Completely Equipment prepared with MS, SS (Stainless Steel) or equivalent material for good appearance and to prevent from Corrosion. Its fully automatic and works on domestic electrical supply. This model comes with Primary and Secondary combustion chamber, with no external heat and noise, easy to operate, This equipment works on high temperature with a unique technology wich promise long lifetime. This can be customised for manual or automatic solutions. Equipped with Natural Scrubber and Water Scrubber for Scrubbing flue gases, Special Exhaust Pipe installed with self-supported or guy-rope supported or tower supported as per the requirement is provided.

Used for instant disposal of used napkin in scientific and hygienic ways. It is a convenient and safe method to destroy used napkins for all institutions and buildings. It helps maintain a nearly pollution free environment and prevents clogging of drainage system. These machines can be installed in all women toilets / rest rooms in all buildings.

• These machines are user friendly.
• Enkindle napkins within minutes.
• Simple Installation
• Hygienic, Safe and Compact Design.
• No more disposal on streets & garbage bins
• It can be installed and put to use at Airports, Offices, Colleges, Schools, Woomen's Hostels, Hospitals, Shopping Malls, Public Toilets, Movie Halls, Toilets at Petrol Bunks, Etc.
• Convert used napkin into sterile ash.
• Comes with additional safety features to avoid any short circuit.
• Machine can be operated both automatically and manually

• Available in sizes ranging from destroying capacity of 15/day to 300/days.
• Fully insulated Front Loading Machines.
• About 1-2gram of sterile ash per napkin.
• Electronic Display with real time status.
• Wall & Floor Mountable.
• Timer Controller & Display.
• Temperature Controller & Display.
• Ceramic Insulation for Thermal Protection.
• Auto Thermal Cut for user safety.
• Power Saver feature standard on all machines.
• Electric Safety Mechanism.
• Advance sensors can be installed if required.
• All the customization options are available.