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Abdominal Pads
Abdominal Pads

Product Description

The Sterile Lap Sponge (Abdominal Pad) use in operation
theatres for bleeding control & other medical applications.
Fabricated using highly absorbent cotton gauze

• High volume of retention
• High absorbency (less than 3 seconds)
• Free from optical whiteners and foreign matter
• All the edges are folded in & interlocked evenly
• Soft & skin friendly
• Free from loose thread in ply, size & thread count
• Sturdy loop attached firmly to one corner
• Packaging: Sterile & non-sterile packing
• Sizes: 25 cm X 25 cm, 30 cm X 30 cm, 25 cm X 40 cm and 45 cm X 45 cm
• With/without X-ray detectable thread (heat bonded to the cloth) opacity